Become a Member


To join AACOG, please fill out a membership application and submit the appropriate dues. Governmental units will also need to provide a copy of the minutes or resolution whereby action was taken to join AACOG and the bylaws and articles of incorporation that were duly adopted by the government jurisdiction.


Membership in AACOG is open to all governmental units in the 13-county Alamo area planning region. A governmental unit is any county, city, town, village, authority, district, or other political subdivision of the State of Texas. Associate membership is open to all for-profit and nonprofit agencies / companies (non-governmental) interested in regionalism. Initial membership lasts one full year. We will send you information each year regarding annual renewal.


For general purpose governments, dues are seven cents per capita, based on census data. A fee of $600 ($50 a month) has been established for other types of governments and associate members. Dues are used as local funds in matching federal and state planning grants.


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