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CJAC Member Scoring and Prioritization Materials

Score Tools:

Scoring and Prioritization for upcoming grant solicitations will take place in Spring 2021 using the CJAC Score Tool approved in September, 2020. 

Conflict Of Interest Notification:

Any CJAC Member, or the Member's immediate relative, that is associated any grant application must complete and submit a CJAC Conflict of Interest Form or directly contact the Criminal Justice Planner. Association includes, but is not limited to:

 1. Is employed by the applicant agency and/or works for the unit, division, department, etc. that would 
 administer an awarded grant;
 2. Serves on any board that oversees the agency and/or unit, division, department, etc. that would administer
 an awarded grant;
 3. Owns or controls any interest in a business entity or other non-governmental organization that benefits
 directly or indirectly from an agency's  activities from an awarded grant; and/or
 4. Receives any funds, a sustainable amount of tangible goods, or services the applicant agency as a result of
 an awarded grant. 

If you are unsure if you have conflict of interest, please reach out to the Criminal Justice Planner for assistance.