Oversight of Services

Quality Management

  • The Quality Management Plan (QMP) is developed and implemented as approved by the IDD Services Management Team (MT). The QMP must have all objectives in place necessary for AACOG to stay in Performance Contract compliance and ensure quality outcomes to the people served.
  • The purpose of the Quality Management Plan (QMP) is to identify the IDD Services department's quality- related objectives, to describe how achievement of these objectives are measured, and to describe the quality-related process that is used to assure the objectives are met.
  • The scope of the objectives, measures and processes described in this plan apply to the entire fiscal year. Results are given on a quarterly basis. Data, trend, and cost analysis are the basis of efforts to profile performance at the individual, unit, program and provider network levels. Data and trend analysis focuses on root problem identification, correction and follow-up to problem resolution. The QM effort is a continuous process, which will improve and inform the delivery system of outcome results. It demonstrates a commitment to provide quality services for all individuals served within the IDD services provider network.