Warm Hearts, Warm Homes

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Showing our Community We Care about their Safety

The Warm Hearts, Warm Homes program is a locally funded project that delivers a free space heater to low income seniors or elderly veterans who have no safe source of heat inside their homes.

Thanks to the continued generosity and contributions from our fellow citizens - since 2009, the Warm Hearts program has been able to support over 100 homes, every year, across our 13-County service area. 


Every $50 donation will buy a safe, affordable heater for a home in need. Because all program costs come from locally-raised funds, we are asking for support to safely warm homes this winter season, and help reduce the number of home-fires and casualties caused by using open flame heating sources.

Please consider making an online donation, or mail donations to:
AADC - Warm Hearts, Warm Homes"
Attn: Alamo Service Connection
8700 Tesoro, Suite 160
San Antonio, Texas 78217

Donations are tax-deductible. Acknowledgment letters will be provided.


Due to funding restrictions, the program is limited to low-income seniors and veterans residing in the 13-County AACOG service area. To qualify, persons must be over 60 years of age, within certain income guidelines. The recipient must also have no current, safe means of heating in their home, or the existing heating source is not working. A stove or oven is not considered a safe and adequate source of heating a home, and this regularly leads to numerous fires and casualties in our community.

For more information, or to request a heater, call the Alamo Service Connection at (210) 477-3275 (or toll free at 866-231-4922) or email for details. To make a monetary contribution to the Warm Hearts Warm Homes program, please contact (210) 362-5315. 

The Alamo Service Connection (ASC), part of the AACOG Area Agency on Aging, is the community clearing house for assistance, information, and referrals for low-income seniors, persons with disabilities, and our elderly veterans around the Alamo Region.