About IDD Services Advisory Committee

Responsibilities and Activities


The IDDSAC acts in an advisory capacity to the IDDS and the AACOG Planning and Program Committee of the Board of Directors by:

1)  Contributing, reviewing, and making recommendations to the development and content of the Local Plan for services for people with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (IDD) in Bexar County;

2)  Ensuring objectivity in the ongoing Implementation of the network development processes, and provider monitoring activities; and

3)  Preparing biannual reports for the AACOG Board of Directors on issues related to the needs and priorities of the local service area and implementation of plans and contracts.




1)  Members must reside in Bexar County and are appointed by the AACOG Board of Directors.

2)  Members are chosen without regard to sex, race, sexual orientation, color, creed, national origin, age or disability. The membership will reflect the geographic, ethnic, and cultural diversity of the community.

3)  At least 50% of the membership are either consumers with intellectual and developmental disabilities or their family members.

4)  Members also include people representing community based organizations that have a stake in and advocate for people with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities.

5)  Members have the ability to provide meaningful and objective input regarding the following:

a.  Business and financial management
b.  Advocacy and client needs
c.  Community development
d.  Legal Issues
e.  Governmental processes
f.  Community leadership
g.  School and educational representation 

9)  Terms are stacked in 2 and 3 year terms.