Support & Empowerment for Older Adults with IDD & their Caregivers

*COVID-19 Update*

To ensure the safety of our participants and partners in this current pandemic, all face to face classes have been canceled until further notice. The class schedule below will reflect the new times and dates for our classes. Until then, all classes are offered through the internet. If you do not have an electronic device OR internet at your home, we can lend you a computer tablet that comes with internet service.

WHAT is this program?

This free program aims to educate older adults with IDD and their caregiver(s) in health and wellness.  The six class series will cover topics such as: health, finances, spirituality, caregiver care, nutrition and physical fitness.  

WHO is this program for?

The program is open to all olderadults with IDD and their caregivers. “Caregivers” can be in a paid or unpaidrole and do not have to live with the older adult with IDD.  Individuals with IDD and caregivers are welcome to participate whether receiving services from AACOG or not. Theprogram is open to professionals in the field.

WHERE will this program happen?
A majority of the program will take place at AACOG’s main office, located at 8700Tesoro Drive.  However, some of the classes will take place in an outside community settings to provide an interactive learning experience.

WHEN are the classes?
The series of the classes will span over a six week period and will start every month.  Classes will be held once per week at the same day and time for about 3 hours. To find out the next class, please use contact information listed below. Should a class be missed, attending the next scheduled date for the topic is permitted but please inform us as space is limited. 

WHY are we offering this program?

According to the U.S. Census in 2010; there are 850,000 adults with IDD over the age of60.  It is projected for this populationto reach 1.4 million by the year 2030. Due to this increase, community supports to help the aging population will be in high demand.   The Alamo Area Council of Governments and the Texas Council for Developmental Disabilities have partnered to discover what supports are needed for the "aging" population for older adults with IDD & their caregivers. After attending the six class series, we will follow-up with our caregivers and older adults with IDD at certain times within a year to identify any unmet needs. Through these administered surveys and visits to caregivers and older adults with IDD, we will discover what further supports are needed for our aging population in the community.

If you are interested in attending or need more information, please call:

Antonio Martinez, Health and Wellness Coordinator - (210) 837-8077 or email 

Diana Chavarria, Health and Wellness Navigator - (210) 334-7023 or email

Class Schedule