Who can become a Clean Cities Stakeholder?
Anyone can become a stakeholder. AACC invites and encourages you to become involved in the effort to promote energy security and become a pro-active participant in local air quality efforts. Becoming an AACC Stakeholder identifies your organization as a leader in the San Antonio region working towards accomplishing the Clean Cities mission to increase the use of alternative fuel vehicles, hybrid-electric vehicles, alternative fuel blends, idle reduction technologies and policies, and fuel economy strategies.

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1. What is Clean Cities?
2. What are the goals of Clean Cities?
3. Who can become a Clean Cities Stakeholder?
4. Where can I go to find alternative fueling stations in San Antonio?
5. Where can I find information about alternative fuels and electric vehicle charging infrastructure?
6. What is the Clean Cities Annual Report?
7. What do you do with the data collected from the Annual Survey?