What are the goals of Clean Cities?
The success of Clean Cities program lies with coalitions of motivated individuals working together to reach a common ideal to reduce our dependence on foreign oil. Each coalition’s “grass roots” approach is responsible for building its own group of stakeholders, holding meetings, developing a plan and setting goals. The goals of the Alamo Area Clean Cities Coalition consist of the following:

  • Decreasing our dependence on foreign oil

  • Increasing the use of alternative fuels

  • Creating new jobs and commercial opportunities

  • Expanding local refueling infrastructure

  • Developing of a “clean” corridor (I-35 & 1-10 through Texas)

  • Advancing clean air objectives

  • Supporting regulated fleets

  • Acknowledging alternative fuels in the region

  • Promoting fuel economy

  • Supporting fuel blends

  • Supporting anti-idling technologies

  • Promote electric hybrid and all electric vehicles

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2. What are the goals of Clean Cities?
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