Is the Academy Veteran Affairs Approved?

Yes. Tuition Payment Options: 

Financial Aid Option Veterans Administration. Students who qualify for Veterans Benefits may call (888) 442- 4551 for verification of these benefits. Students must notify the Academy that they intend to use this as a source of financial aid. Once approved by the V.A. students will complete all necessary paper work on Orientation Day. If the V.A. pays the student directly while attending class, the student must make his / her payment under option 1 or 2 listed below. If using Post 9-1-1, the VA will pay the school directly.

Tuition Payment Option 1 •Student may pay the entire tuition fee in one payment. Tuition Payment Option 2 •Student may make two scheduled payments. Day 1 of Orientation Day: $1750.00 •Balance is due by Mid-term exam: $1,750.00.

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